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Polished nickel plated

Is a finishing obtained through the deposition of nickel on the surface of the treated pieces. The nickel plating carried out in the Myrtus plant can be applied to a ferrous base, to brass, with or without a copper substrate. The thickness of the finishing can vary according to the customers’ needs. The final phase of the nickel plating allows also passivation treatments and on request, it is also possible to arrange for a final varnish coat... »

Brass plating

The polished brass plating is a galvanised finishing, in which a substrate of nickel is formed, over which a brass alloy layer is deposited. Myrtus brass plated is know for its shine and the excellent varnish which exalts the appearance and preserves it from oxidation. The process can be carried out over a ferrous or brass base... »

Bronze plated

It is a finishing based on copper with thickness that can vary according to customers’ needs. The copper plating is then treated to give a bronze appearance. The Myrtus bronze coating can be carried out over a ferrous or brass base and is characterized by the constant tint, the perfect varnishing and the extremely high protection given by the finishing. On request , it is possible to vary the tint of the finishing (e.g. dark bronze plating)... »

Customized bronze/antique brass

They are obtained through a deposition of brass suitably treated to obtain a similar chromatic appearance to antique brass, with chromatic values that can change in conformity to the customers’ requests. At Myrtus special antique looking coatings are also carried out, with hand brushing. These are particularly fine finishings. The piece is blackened and then brushed or polished, in order to expose brass in the desired areas... »

Thick brass plated

It can happen that, for some particular use, an high quality brass treatment is needed, with controlled thickness. Myrtus can execute this kind of treatment and certify the constancy of the deposition... »

Copper plated

The alkaline copper plating line in Myrtus can execute copper plating treatments with controlled thickness from 3-4 to over 15 µ, with an excellent penetration into the pieces and with a thickness certification for each lot. Furthermore, on request, a transparent protective varnishing can be also carried out... »

Alkanline zinc plating

Myrtus has chosen cyanide-free alkaline zinc plating as a protective treatment for galvanising processes. This choice was guided by environmental considerations (it does not use cyanide) and by the characteristics that are typical of this type of galvanic bath which, unlike acid zinc plating, facilitates better deposit distribution with a consistency of very evenly deposited zinc microns... »

Nickel-tin plating

This is a very special finish, also known as "gun barrel", developed and customised by Myrtus for one of the leading multinational companies in the furniture industry. It produces a finish that is very popular and it is particularly suited to the furniture and furnishings industries and many other fields that demand an attractive finish. The paint uses by Myrtus accentuates this finish to lend it a very personal look... »


Myrtus operates in the following industries:

  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Apparel
  • Doors, windows, shutters and frames
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Quality corkscrews
  • Medals
  • Precision engineering
  • Bolts, screws and turneries
  • White goods

Environmental performance

Strict adherence to environmental regulations.

Our keen awareness of environmental issues has led us to introduce innovative operative methods and techniques.

Indicators of substances in the water in relation to the legal limits:

Chlorine Copper Sulphates

Quality control

At Myrtus quality is not an objective,
it is the starting point.

During the processing there is a continuous control of the galvanic baths and a systematic controls on the final products.